Kiwi Rider January 2022 Vol.1 - Page 46

spirit and the devil-may-care attitude that makes riding the joy it is . Okay , got that ? Right . Let ’ s get down to actual facts of what this machine is about and not whimsical pontificating ... even if it is correct .
MORE BEEF , LESS PORK This new three-cylinder , double overhead camshaft 1200 ( actually 1160cc ) has 29 more ponies than the previous 1050 . It is also 10kg lighter in total , has 110cc more capacity , but with 12 % less engine inertia ( in part from a lighter slipper clutch ). Also , a 17 % lighter alloy chassis and get this - almost double the power to weight ratio of the original 1994 Speed Triple . Double ! Fark , that is a serious jump . It is now under 200kg , fuelled and ready to go . This weight reduction has lightened the steering feel and so allowed for a slightly more stable steering head angle , one degree more in fact , to 23.9 degrees , and it hasn ’ t compromised the bike ’ s agility . Those 29 extra horses aren ’ t just from the increased capacity . No , the new engine is now seriously ‘ over square ’ with an 11mm shorter stroke and a 650rpm higher rev ceiling of 11,150rpm . Peak power is now almost 178hp and torque has jumped to a rather serious 125Nm at 9000rpm . All these numbers tells us that the bulk of those 29 new horses are let out of the stable once the rev-counter needle hits the midrange and beyond . There are some ( delusional ) types out there who might think a sub-180hp 1200cc machine is a little light on oomph when 1000cc superbikes are all pumping out more than 200hp , but the reality is , there ’ s plenty for road use and the top-end is strong !
ELECTRONIC CONTROL Engine modes of Track , Sport , Road and Rain offer all necessary options for the whole spectrum of riding conditions . And , in fairness , a naked street fighter is most likely to be ridden on sunny days so Road