Kiwi Rider January 2022 Vol.1 - Page 44

‘ blast ’ department . Hooning is definitely the new Speedy ’ s forté ... but it ’ s far from a one trick pony ( I ’ ll get to that later ). Low speed , low rev wheelies are a relaxed affair and high speed , high intensity ones really get the blood pumping ! It lofts the front with amazing eagerness . Some might say it even has an unnecessary propensity towards not so politically correct behaviour . Of course , these people would be ... wrong . In my mind , the humble wheelie is a natural necessity of riding life , a thing of joy and beauty , and only frowned upon by killjoys and lifeless revenue collectors of dubious moral fibre . And it doesn ’ t have to be a huge one , anyone who has had the front wheel hover above the ground for just a moment will know the exhilaration of the wheelie . Life is for living and the 1200 Speed Triple encourages living to the full . It ’ s a wonderful embodiment of biker