Kiwi Rider January 2022 Vol.1 - Page 17


When it comes to getting away for a quick weekend escape on the bike , moto camping allows you to hit the road and go in possibly the freest way possible . While most of us are quite familiar with camping in tents , the swag is starting to become a popular choice among riders who want a simple solution to camping that requires minimal effort to set up . Known for incorporating your mattress and tent into one portable solution , swags make a lot of sense . Add the ability to roll your sleeping bag up in it as you pack it up and you ’ ve got one item to load onto the bike instead of three . However , the biggest downside to swags has always been their size , which can ’ t beat a hiking style tent when it comes to being a compact option . Australian outfit OzTent is one of the market leaders and has just released an option that looks to change that , the ULS-1 Ultra-Light Single Swag . Designed specifically with motorcyclists in mind , OzTent finally appears to be giving us a compact option in the swag arena . The overall design is a utilitarian affair , but the ULS-1 provides a smart , highly durable , very lightweight shelter for two-wheel adventurers . It ’ s fully waterproof and has decent ventilation built-in as well as a large vestibule to pop your

helmet and boots under . Its features are pretty common for a swag style tent until you see the weight and size of the thing ready to pack onto your bike . Weighing in at 2.7Kg and packing down to a 15 x 43cm roll , it is seriously compact compared to its competition . Sure , it ’ s still chunkier than your hiking tent , but it ’ s got your bedroll rolled up in there as well so , if you don ’ t mind the excess bulk compared to that compact tent of yours , this could be right up your alley .