Kiwi Rider January 2022 Vol.1 - Page 15

forced the team to alter the course . Instead of starting the ride from 86 ° South , the team started the ride from 87 ° South . Despite a few initial road-blocks and a slight detour , the expedition team completed the quest on December 16th , 2021 , creating history in the process . For this expedition , two Royal Enfield Himalayan motorcycles were modified in-house , with functional upgrades to be able to navigate snow and ice to ably function under extreme conditions in Antarctica . The motorcycles were ridden on a compacted
snow track to the South Pole , to reduce motorcycle drag and limit emissions to an absolute minimum . Royal Enfield is consciously ensuring no footprint is left behind by the expedition team except wheel tracks that will quickly be lost to snowdrift . In line with their # LeaveEveryPlaceBetter initiative , the team is ensuring all waste , including human waste , is brought back for appropriate disposal . Currently , the team is heading towards the western part of Antarctica , Union Glacier , from where they will fly out to a much warmer Punta Arenas in Chile .