Words & photos: Nick Edards, Sarah Newman Nick Edards and Sarah Newman hired a Triumph Street III to explore the twist and turns of New Caledonia. M ost of us have rides that stick in our minds for whatever reason, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. The most recent hall of fame inductee for me is an hour of wonderfully unhinged action on a Street Triple R through an abandoned nickel mine in the middle of New Caledonia. Intense doesn’t come close to describing it. The road surface for the most part was excellent although some of the corners were a little chewed up by years of ore trucks, there was virtually no other traffic and the weather was fine, warm and welcoming. There was a ditch on each side of the road, the one on the left was about a metre wide and maybe 20cm deep. The one on the right was about 1km wide and 500m deep with no protection to save the day if you got things wrong. For sure there was a little earth berm between the tarmac and a long drop but it was only there to mark the edge of the drop off, not to stop prevent inadvertent hang gliding activities. The Street Triple, a renter from the ever cheerful and helpful Bernard at Nouméa Rider, was the perfect tool for the job; light, flickable, a great torque curve and brakes that did exactly what was