Kiwi Rider August 2022 Vol.1 - Page 93

the accumulated sinus-goo , and the way my eyes burn and sting in the chill . I love how my jaw starts to ache from clenching it against the cold , and the dizzying relief and respite that occurs when I ’ m forced to slow down as I approach a built-up area and the frigid lash of the wind eases a little . I love how it ’ s normally just me and my bike and that fragile , allimportant island of light – which , along with my tyres and my undivided attention , are the only things standing between me and Game Over . And I do so love the gear we ’ re all blessed with in today ’ s modern , polyester-rich world . I ’ ve done these kinds of rides with seven jumpers and a newspaper stuffed under a leather jacket , and my lifeless , aching hands jammed into worthless ( but very cool-looking ) leather gloves , and it doesn ’ t bother me to tell you that it can really suck a big bag full of male sex organs . The cold is fine if you ’ re still able to control the bike . But when you ’ re so frosted up you can ’ t use the clutch , grab the brake , or even throttle off because you ' re well into hypothermia land , then the cold is not so fine . Thankfully , today ’ s cold-weather gear is pretty spectacular when it comes to staving off icedeath . So what ’ s stopping you ? You got something better to do on a cold , clear night , when the vampires are out and the police are busy breath-testing car-driving dickheads outside nightclubs ? No , you don ’ t . Not really .
Besides , I haven ’ t told you the most special thing about night-riding in the cold . The most special thing about measuring your kung fu in the frozen darkness is the coming home part . When that garage door comes down and the bike is ticking itself to sleep , that satisfied , lip-cracking grin on your face is only going to get wider . Because you are about to truly appreciate the miracle of hot water . And that appreciation will be on a molecular level . The greatest hot shower you will ever have is the hot shower you have after a fast , cold , and punishing ride . Try it .
Tell me I ’ m lying .
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