Kiwi Rider August 2022 Vol.1 - Page 79

Clever Solutions For Smart Gear .

Motorcycle clothing uses state-of-the-art materials and looking after your investment needs specialised care ! Using the wrong products or not caring for your gear at all , will result in poor performance and shortened garment life !

Sno-Seal Wax

200gm tub . Clear , black or brown . $ 16.50 100gm tube . Clear only . $ 12.50
Sno-Seal Wax protects , conditions and assists in waterproofing leather . It will also help your boots to last longer by protecting the stitching and maintaining the leather ’ s breathability .

Sno-Seal Silicone Water-Guard

355ml aerosol $ 18
Wonderful stuff ! Helps to restore factory waterproofing yet allows the garment to breathe . Brilliant on suede leather panels , proofed nylon garments , tents and touring luggage .

Sno-Seal Sport Wash

532ml $ 17 . 1litre $ 28 . 2litre $ 54 .
This is the only detergent for washing your waterproof / breathable gear ! Specially formulated for Gore-Tex and similar fabrics , Sport Wash cleans the tiny fabric pores improving breathability and restoring the membrane ’ s surface tension to enable water to bead and roll away . Warning : If you use household laundry products , the chemical residues can block the membrane , destroying the breathability of the delicate fabric . Re-washing correctly in Sport Wash will require up to 15 washes to remove these harmful residues !
Available from good bike shops everywhere or call Dold Industries Ltd on 0508-365-300 for the location of your nearest Sno-Seal stockist Read all about performance fabrics on : www . atsko . com / T5 . html Prices indicated are suggested retail only . Information in this advertisement is specific to the use of Sno-Seal products . Refer to your garment ’ s Care Instructions for correct use .