Kiwi Rider August 2022 Vol.1 - Page 56

Off road the X-Cape is the weight of a fullsized 1000cc plus machine , but with close to only a third of the horse power of the most powerful models . The total horse power is not really an issue ... 150-odd-hp is not gainfully useable off-road anyway , and limited in use to very open gravel and smooth dirt tracks . So , then the argument goes like this – with the power not an issue offroad – does the weight matter when all large adventure bikes are this heavy anyway ? I ’ d say not much , because the package comes together so well on road and gravel .
However , the shock ’ s compression damping lack of progression does matter in the dirt . For road and gravel work the suspension is actually very good . The 50mm USD Marzocchi forks are plush , offering excellent feedback and a great ride . Likewise on gravel and tarmac the shock was compliant and pretty controlled . It has better action than many on gravel corrugations . The rear suspension unit is a KYB item that is adjustable for rebound and preload only . While it can be firmed somewhat with more spring preload and rebound damping ( increasing rebound adjustment also firms compression