Kiwi Rider August 2022 Vol.1 - Page 48

married , kids etc , it was totally different after the Covid cancelled years . My wife , Lyndsey , wasn ’ t mad keen on the idea , but understood that it was a big deal to me and the rest of the team and I wanted to finish the job . I had decided if I took the record , I would park it up , rather than trying another pass , and that ’ s what we did . “ I knew I had a good run . It felt good , I kept the throttle pinned against the stop – the only way for the mind to not let the hand back off at times . Brett ’ s datalogging showed the bike was at 100 percent for 23 seconds . It sat really well on the road , no scary moments – the wheelie control is awesome and earned its keep in the
lower gears getting up to speed with 350hp . It did move a little passing a gap in the trees , but that was expected . Amazing when you think , other than the intercooler , gearing changes to the supercharger and final drive , it was a completely stock 1000cc Kawasaki H2R . Really satisfying to get the record after all the work over those five years but that ’ s me done . “ So , Scott Wilkins has retired at the top , what will next year bring ? And , perhaps more importantly ... what is happening with that motorcycle ? For full results and info for anyone keen to get involved , head to www . landspeed . org . nz