Kiwi Rider August 2022 Vol.1 - Page 47

by the sheer wind force . The upper downforce wings were also removed as that downforce was still drag ( almost 7km / h worth ) and removing the pads from the rear of the seat let Scott get lower , flatter in the back and get his oversized shoulders further into the shed ( not being your typical jockey dimensions ). That 60mm arse-move rearwards rewarding the team with another 2km / h . And it let the big Kawasaki run without trying to turn into a fighter jet and gaining altitude without the winglets .
BECAUSE WE CAN The logo on their team trailer says it all . And they f @ rken well did . The Team Wilkins Kawasaki H2R , tuned by Brett Roberts , set a one-way pass record of 364.50km / h and a twoway average speed of 358.40km / h , edging the hard-charging Patric Nussbaum for the new record . That new speed represents a milestone . Our four-wheeled friends , with room for massive engines , have long held the outright top spot , but now , thanks to Scott Wilkins and his team , that top spot is claimed by a very special motorcycle – Kawasaki ’ s outrageous H2R .
SCOTT WILKINS “ Yeah , it took five years to get , but we got there . Coming from a dirt background , it was a steep learning curve – it was mind-numbing at first , just the outright speed and how things are affected at that pace . It would have been easier with a superbike rider , and Dad had options there . I was keen to give it a crack and he gave me the opportunity – thanks Dad ! “ One of the challenges is only getting to see what you ’ d achieved as far as advancing the project on that one day each year . Disappointment means another year to make amends . Over those five years , life carried on . I started when I was a single guy , but now being