Kiwi Rider August 2022 Vol.1 - Page 42

2020 and with an intercooler fitted in the place of the airbox , hopes were high in 2021 . With the air intake now being kept cool , the theory was the cooler , denser air would let the bike charge hard to the timed section . It partially worked ... With the bike now producing the desired power ( up to a whopping 350hp at the engine and 303hp at the protesting tyre ) the boost slid up to 30psi , causing the bike to shut down into limp mode . With a ‘ mere ’ 321km / h achieved , luck was on their side as the others struggled with their own issues and the record set in 2019 still stood - but , it wasn ’ t the desired result .
Roll on Goudies Road , Reporoa and the 2022 Landspeed New Zealand Association Speed Trials .
2022 - GOUDIES ROAD Brett Roberts had now reduced the rev limiter from 14,500rpm to 13,700 to avoid the shutdown repeating , balancing boost and speed for that critical window . The final gearing was stepped up to compensate for the lower engine revs . This involved a complete new rear hub to carry a smaller sprocket . With 2022 becoming a year that had astronomers fizzing about with so many planets aligning , the Kawasaki H2R was