Kiwi Rider August 2022 Vol.1 - Page 38

folks , Mike and Pam , are as proud as , is a classic understatement .
A WORLD APART Racing 450 motocrossers involves speed , but nothing puts massive speed into perspective like winding a supercharged Kawasaki H2R up on a stretch of Kiwi road – until you do just that . Learning to look so far into the distance and trust peripheral vision to assist the brain as it takes in unworldly speeds takes practice and a very specific technique . The margin for error is nil . So , the project had legs . The base bike was chosen as Kawasaki had the audacity to build something nobody else dared to . Mike is hugely grateful for the engineering in the H2R but even that stunning starting point would
need some of the finest brains in the Kiwi racing scene to get more . As it stood , some of the highly modified competitors ’ bikes were proving that there is a whole lot more to this high speed chess game than just buying a mega-motorcycle and twisting the grip . The Wilkins ’ title tilt began in earnest in June 2016 at the Cliffhanger Speed Trials , held in the Wairarapa . Scott made it into the 200mph club with 330.5km / h ( 205.36mph ) on the stock machine ( yep , stock ). Fast , but not fast enough . Time to call on the skills of a lifelong friend and dyno maestro , Brett Roberts .
BRM DYNO , PAEROA Brett Roberts ( owner of BRM Dyno ) has a long history with much of NZ ’ s racing community and
That ’ s some impressive power progression , 303hp !