Kiwi Rider August 2022 Vol.1 - Page 33

Stephen had a van going to the South Island the following week - which he was driving himself . The only issue was that I wouldn ’ t be there to grab them for a week , so a plan was hatched for Stephen to pick the bikes up , hold them for a week and then drop them off once I was in town . Perfect . The Moto Movers ’ long wheelbase Ford Transit rocked up efficiently early on the agreed morning of pickup . The Diva was to ride in the van , while I was happy for my 1992 BMW R80GS to be on the trailer - it gets ridden like an adventure bike should , so dirt from being on a trailer would be the least of its issues in my ownership . Onto loading the bikes . Stephen was careful
and exacting with his strapping down of both machines and the padding he used - in fact , he tied the bikes down in the exact same way I ’ d have done it , another plus . I ’ m sure it made him a little nervous to have me hovering around checking his every move , though he didn ’ t show it ( he does this stuff every day of the week , of course ). The Diva nestled in the back with three other machines . The GS sat on the huge trailer . That was it , a cheery wave and Stephen and the bikes were on the way to Nelson . Stephen delivered my bikes a week or so later to a friend ’ s property , as I ’ d been delayed and couldn ’ t be there for delivery . Both bikes were in perfect condition - well , they were in the exact same condition they left .