Kiwi Rider August 2022 Vol.1 - Page 31

We ’ ve moved a lot of motorcycles over the years , in lots of ways . We ’ ve used trailers , vans , the backs of utes , had mates ride them for us We do the bike-moving dance every week with our test bikes , or if we ’ re going to a race or trail ride . I have a friend who bought a bike from Christchurch , but he couldn ’ t go and get it any time soon , so I flew down and rode it back to the North Island for him . He was stoked , and I had fun doing it for him . Recently though , none of those options were going to work for me . I needed to move two bikes from the North Island to the South Island ( Rotorua to Nelson ), leaving me with a problem . Should I ride one there , fly back , ride the second one there and fly back again ? That would have been fun , for sure , however ... time and finances for fuel , two ferries and two flights said an emphatic “ no ” on that one . Next I considered hiring a van , but again , the time to do it and finances really didn ’ t stack up - although it would have been a little cheaper than the ( more fun ) riding option . Maybe like you , I ’ m a little precious about my bikes , my Aprilia Tuono Racing in particular - replacement carbon fibre bodywork for the 20 year old Italian Diva is almost unobtainable if it were to get damaged . After a catch-up chat on the phone , long time Kiwi Rider ad man , and all-round good bugger , Todd Sutherland , came to the rescue . Todd suggested Moto Movers might be exactly the right solution for my precious predicament . Todd put me on to Moto Movers ’ owner , Stephen Leggett , to see if they could fit my bikes in for the trip down south . According to Todd , Moto Movers does everything possible to deliver bikes in the exact state they were picked up . As luck would have it , my chat to Stephen revealed him to be a kindred rare Aprilia owner too , giving me a confidence boost knowing he knew exactly what he ’ d be dealing with .