Kiwi Rider August 2022 Vol.1 - Page 17

The rider modes include more sedate urban and rain modes which see power reduced to around 25hp , while the track and sport modes unleash the full 34hp which BMW claims is enough , when mixed with the lower 174kg wet weight of the RR , for the bike to hit a top speed of 160km / h . Keeping the rider informed is a very stylish TFT display that makes the basic LCD units of the GS and R look very budget in comparison . Braking and wheels are the now familiar
17-inch wheels and Bybre brakes as seen on the G310R . As part of the sophisticated electronics on the RR , however , the level of ABS intervention and throttle response changes with the rider modes . While the full-fairing entry-level sportsbike market finally has a contender from BMW , there is a catch . The G310RR is slated currently as an Indian market model only , with BMW Motorrad NZ confirming that the are currently no plans to introduce the model here .