Kiwi Rider August 2022 Vol.1 - Page 106



KTM continues to lead the way when it comes to electrification of the dirt bike world , with KTM AG announcing a set of new e-motorcycles soon to join its lineup . Announced at the KTM North America Dealer Summit in Charlotte , North Carolina , KTM ’ s new electric minis are designed to fill the gap between the Stacyc-based e12 and e16 electric balance bikes and the SX-E 5 / EE 5 / MC-E 5 bikes in the KTM , Husqvarna and GasGas lineups . “ Everyone is talking about e-mobility these days . At KTM AG we are constantly pursuing developments in this field , living up to our responsibility as an innovative , sustainable company ,” says Hubert Trunkenpolz , Chief Marketing Officer at KTM AG .

“ We strongly believe that e-mobility plays a role when it comes to short distance , urban mobility and small engine size . In the offroad segment , we need to consider the circumstances on the tracks , such as limited availability to charge big batteries .” While KTM is yet to officially divulge specifications of the new E 3 bikes , KTM New Zealand ’ s Patrick Stafford explained them as the equivalent of KTM ’ s four-stroke minis . “ If the E5 is considered as an E version of the 2 stroke 50s , the E3 is an E version of the 50 minis – smaller wheels and a little less power ,” he explained . “ At the moment , we don ’ t have any on order for NZ as we didn ’ t know the pricing when we did our planning a year ago – we may be able to get some from
Australia , but that is yet to be confirmed .”