KIWI RIDER 11 2018 VOL.2 - Page 78

SCOTTOILER SCORPION W e’re fans of the Scottoiler here at KR, the editor has run a Scottoiler on his Aprilia Falco since the bike was only a few thousand kilometres old and has just sold the bike with 44,800km on the clock, still wearing the same chain and sprockets that came on the bike – and they weren’t worn out. The Scottish Scottoiler brand has announced the launch of its new dual injector oil dispenser, called the Scorpion, that’s compatible with all Scottoiler chain oilers. The Scorpion Dual Injector is an accessory upgrade for all Scottoiler chain lubrication systems and promises to be easy to fit with a discreet twin feed that provides enhanced oil delivery to both sides of your bike’s chain. Replacing the standard dispenser, the Scorpion works by feeding oil simultaneously to both faces of the sprocket through its twin feed pincer nozzles. Scottoiler says this precise application ensures an even distribution of oil onto both sides of the chain via the sprocket. The more precise application can result in an even cleaner transmission, less oil use and increased intervals between refills. The Scorpion uses Scottoiler’s new Multiform Dispenser Mount, utilising super-adhesive tape that sticks to all surfaces and provides an easy and effective solution for mounting the Scorpion. The new Multiform Dispenser Mount can be bent and cut in various ways giving the Scorpion the versatility to be fitted to nearly all swingarm types and in different orientations allowing for compatibility with a greater number of different makes and models. The new mounting bracket can be easily adjusted, re-positioning the Scorpion pincer nozzles to accommodate chain adjustments. Once fitted to the bike the Multiform Dispenser Mount has adjustability for forward and rearward movement, meaning as the chain is adjusted the Scorpion can be moved the same amount so that the nozzles always sit perfectly on the sprocket. The Scorpion is supplied with small straight pincer nozzles as standard for a neat and Easy adjustment and delivery to both sides of the sprocket courtesy of the Scorpion effective application. Also supplied are longer pincer nozzles that may be required for some bikes with toe guards such as the Honda Africa Twin. Technical & Business Development Director, Chris Simpson commented, “We are excited to be able to bring the Scorpion Dual Injector to the market. This accessory provides an upgrade for all Scottoiler systems, enhancing oil delivery through the precision of the dual feed. The new mounting bracket means it is super easy to fit and flexible enough to work with the majority of bikes, so it really is a great upgrade for Scottoiler customers.” The Scorpion will retail at $79 and is available from oiler/scottoiler-scorpion-dual-injector.html