KIWI RIDER 11 2018 VOL.2 - Page 70

WORDS: Roger Moroney The moment Fenati buggered his MotoGP career... SITUATION VACANT: MotoGP hot-dog vendor... “Y ou don’t see that every day,” an imbibing chum of mine said the other day as the subject of trying to operate another motorcycle’s braking system from another motorcycle came up. It was the “Fenati incident”, which gave the Moto2 race at the San Marino GP a lot more spice and breathlessness than this highly charged and competitive branch of the sport usually delivers. And for the first time in a very long time the evening sports wraps on the usually rugby- saturated channels showed a spot of Moto2. Unfortunately it was a slice of Moto2 which those who steer the sport would have been left wincing by. Fenati, steaming alongside Stefano Manzi on his Kalex casually reached over and gave Manzi’s front brake lever a short and sharp squeeze... at around 215km/h. It was, simply, nuts. It was so ridiculous that I can only surmise he chose to reach over and grab the brake lever because carrying a steel rod to try and poke 70 KIWI RIDER through the wheels would have been far too obvious. His brain fade can only be further added to by the fact that he probably thought he could get away with it. But at the GPs there are pretty well as many camera operators as there are marshalls, and his folly was clearly and perfectly recorded... for the world to watch. As well as the track officials who scurried quickly to the flag cupboard to find the black one to wave at him. And did he for one clouded moment truly be- lieve his team would not have a few words to say. Which, it transpired, they did. Well, one word really... “Goodbye”. Although if they were as angry as Manzi’s team it may well have been two words. So he lost his place in the Team Sniper outfit, as well as losing the opportunity to try out for the MV Agusta team which is planning to enter Moto2 next season. I daresay his only real option at future GPs is to sell hot dogs in the hospitality tent village.