KIWI RIDER 11 2018 VOL.2 - Page 7

REDUCED WEIGHT Stronger, higher density casing materials - Up to 15% lighter for the Sand tyre, and an average of 10% for all tyres - Improves acceleration, braking, and steering control. REDESIGNED ARCHITECTURE Two, more densely constructed polyester plies - Increased sidewall strength and lateral rigidity - More aggressive sculptures maintain traction at all lean angles - New bead profile makes them easier to install. COMFORT CASING TECHNOLOGY Absorbs square edges and braking bumps better, and minimizes tyre rebound, which helps reduce arm pump and rider fatigue. SELF-CLEANING TREAD DESIGN Fine lines at the base of the tread blocks help release mud and debris as the casing flexes - Mud-Phobic Bars on the MICHELIN StarCross 5 Soft rear maximize the cleaning capability. WIDER SCOPE OF USE MICHELIN StarCross 5 Medium and Soft versions are more versatile and effective in a wider range of terrains and conditions compared to the previous range - Spend less money and time changing tyres and enjoy more performance on the track and trails. EXPANDED FITMENTS Seven new sizes added to provide matched set options on a wider range of motocross, off-road and vintage bikes. mixed/soft ground FOR USE ON FIRM SOIL TO SOFT AND SANDY CONDITIONS Specifically designed to provide a high level of performance on a wider range of terrain from firm soil, grass, mud, and even sand. Mud-Phobic Bars maximize cleaning capability to prevent mud and dirt from building up between the knobs, which ensures maximum traction and acceleration. The intermediate tread blocks on the Soft tyre are positioned in staggered rows to maximize traction and feedback throughout varying lean angles. FOR HARD, COMPACT AND ROCKY TERRAIN Ideal for use on hard terrain and compact soil commonly found on Supercross tracks. The innovative tread design maintains an equivalent contact patch whatever the lean angle, which provides more progressive handling in corners, and improved straight line traction. Suction grip tread blocks cause the rubber to reach operating temperatures quickly, helping the tires to adhere to very hard and slick surfaces. SuperCross use FOR USE ON SAND Designed specifically for riding and competing in sand. The front tyre features a more open and aggressive tread design, with knobs specifically designed to provide optimum performance and steering response in sand. The rear tyre, which is up to 15% lighter* than its predecessor, features a specifically designed tread with monster scoops, which work to evacuate sand more efficiently, providing enhanced acceleration and braking. FOR A WIDE RANGE OF CONDITIONS AND TERRAIN Designed to deliver high levels of performance across the broadest range of conditions and terrain found in motocross and off-road riding. The tyre's versatility allows riders to enjoy optimized performance in conditions and terrain that can often change over the course of a day. The intermediate tread blocks are positioned in staggered rows to maximize traction and feedback throughout varying lean angles. mixed/hard surfaces sandy surfaces Junior Junior 25% extra tyre life over the MICHELIN S12 thanks to its new high-resistance compound. Superior traction and grip on greasy cross- slopes thanks to its tall 18mm tread blocks and Maximised Contact Patch casing. ROAD LEGAL mixed/hard-packed ground mixed/soft ground KIWI RIDER 7