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P&M bikes were used extensively by British forces during the 1913-1918 First World War 249cc Red Panther was a reliable and trusty work horse before and after the Second World War 1949 Panther 598cc Model 100 Panther products in 1960 Earls Court motorcycle Show catalogue The company also built a speedway model in 1928, and a variety of trials bikes, but history suggests that it will be the big singles for which the Panther will best be remembered. Before and directly after the Second World War, a lucrative part of the company’s big singles output came from the demand for sidecars. The Model 100 and 120, with their low-down torque and robust performance, made the models ideal for pulling a sidecar. Unfortunately, the bottom fell out of the sidecar market when cars, especially the Mini, became a more effective way to transport a satellite family. In 1959 a scooter, the Princess, was added to the model line-up. It was powered by a 173cc Villiers engine, but a similar phenomenon to that which was striking the sidecar market was hitting the scooter market. An Official Receiver was called in late 1962, and production began to dwindle. Sharing your passion facebo /Caffein eAndCla ssics