KIWI RIDER 11 2018 VOL.2 - Page 46

DIRT PRODUCTS From Cradle to Grave Want to be sure all the products you’re using work together? Kawasaki might have to be your next stop. It has a full range of new, environmentally friendly service and maintenance products we’re told have been formulated from the ground up to keep your Kawasaki or, no doubt, any other model 100 per cent ready to ‘Let the good times roll’. Distributor: Kawasaki NZ Price: Varies from product to product Info: Available from Kawasaki dealer network High tech, and then some The Brand New VX-Pro4 was produced via years of experience in MX, enduro and off-road use. The outer shell’s complex construction contains a composite fibre sandwiched between the two layers of super fibre laminate. Diffusers create a strong venturi vacuum at the rear for ventilation, backed by a centre tup vent and under-peak air intake. An inner chin vent shutter is just one way debris intrusion is prevented without blocking air flow. A removable, washable liner is designed to dry faster than most, a foam spring support in the cheek improves fit, the Arai peak forces air into the forehead area for cooling, and - there’s more, but we’re out of space. Distributor: Northern Accessories Price: $999 Info: 46 KIWI RIDER