KIWI RIDER 11 2018 VOL.2 - Page 41

DIRT PRODUCTS Next-level noggin protection Talking about high-tech protection, check out these ATR-1 and AT-R 2 helmets. The ATR-1 features patented Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) technology, analysed and tested by some of the greatest minds in head protection. The all new 6D ATR-2 takes brain protection to the next level – it’s the most advanced energy management device ever manufactured for off-road competition or recreational riding. The original ODS technology evolved with high-tech materials and design influenced by work inside the NFL’s Head Health Challenge III competition. Distributor: Northern Accessories Price: $999 Info: The legs have it Ever needed more pockets, or not had your phone or other vital little item to hand when needed? A leg wallet could provide the answer, both on and off the bike. This Givi T517 is designed to secure around the waist and thigh, is made from nylon, and built to be water resistant. It features a front pocket, reflective print for visibility and adjustable straps, and is a convenient pouch for those who never have enough pockets. Distributor: Eurobike Wholesale Price: $49 Info: Aerospace comes to earth Tag Metals is back! These T1 handlebars are crafted from 1.125 oversized 2014 aerospace aluminium material tapered to 7/8- inch for the prefect feel. They aim to deliver the perfect blend of strength to weight ratio, and come with an included closed-cell high-impact X bar pad. Distributor: Eurobike Wholesale Price: $379 Info: KIWI RIDER 41