KIWI RIDER 11 2018 VOL.2 - Page 39

One of the original instigators... Mike Ramsey off-road riders coming from USA, Australia, New Caledonia, UK and Canada, many of whom found it difficult to put up a serious bid for the overall win. Ben Townley cut his teeth in this event in the early days when he was sponsored by Bel-Ray and always had a passion to win and beat Mark Fuller. This actually happened one year, not long after his hard earned World Championship. FINALS PRIZE GIVING In less PC days, the prize givings were almost legendary. Once the official part was done, the trophies and product prizes handed out and the speeches all done (just about everyone did a speech in the early days), it was down to hard celebrating and reliving the day’s riding with your mates. Needless to say, some very late nights and early mornings followed. Hopefully I will have a DVD compiled to view at the 25th celebration. Whilst I am no longer involved in the motorcycle industry, I still like to keep an eye on the results and occasionally pop in to an event to catch up with the old lot. See you all at the 25th Anniversary final. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS For the early part of the Bel-Ray history, the following farmers must be acknowledged for their huge input: Grant & Miles Dickey, Dennis & Jill Kerr, Stuart & Caroline Eyre, Wally Smith, The Dixon Family, Brooks Family, Ted & Rose Marshall, Duncan McNaugton, Sunset Station, Ian Smith, The Fuller Family, Earl Lapwood, McGovern Family, Warwick & Trish Smith, Vinning Families, Stark Family and Bateup Family. Also, the following gave their weekend gladly for a few ales and a good ride to help put it all together. In no particular order: Grant & Miles Dickey, Raymond Reid, Ian Freer, Craig & Janine Kerr, Martin Morgan, Grant Dixon, Patrick & Donna Bird, Warrick & Trish Smith, The Smith brothers Blair, Damon & Nigel, Stuart Eyre, Duncan McNaughton, Lianne Marshall, Mark Fuller, Tracey Fuller, Rob & Marcie Hintz, Kay Ramsey, Jaime Stark, Mrs Vera Riddle, Ed Heistand, Colin Bousfield, Brent Hollister, James & Fiona Fowley, Grant Dixon, Marlene Dickey, Jason & Vanessa Blenkhorn, Cliff Dixon, Paul Bailey, Calvin & Janne Dixon, Jimmy McNeill, Larry Baker, Colin Slater, Bronwyn Slater, Sandra Healey, Andrew & Karrin Singer, Heather & Neville Barr, Dave Berridge, Paul Whittle, Warren & Sue Moorfield, Murray (Mo) Perry & Chris Evans. The Te Kauwhata St Johns and Len Dillon deserve a very special thanks for their huge support to the Bel-Ray during its early history. Len and his volunteers attended to some very accomplished riders during this time and always with professionalism. Silver Bullet and John Rushworth. John pioneered a scoring system that he continued to tweak over the years which provided a welcome exit from the old tried and true manual lap scoring methods. This not only meant that results were out quickly for prize giving, but there was also a lap-by- lap print out, and the results. KIWI RIDER 39