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never giving up on the junior part of the series and with the help of James Fowley, the Junior One Hour Cross Country series was born. Jason Blenkhorn was killed in a freak motorcycle accident in late 1997 and this fostered camaraderie within XC ranks that saw major growth and profile for the Bel-Ray. As the 1998 series commenced, the numbers for both junior and seniors swelled and the series became possibly the biggest and best in NZ. SUCCESS THROUGH FAMILY INVOLVEMENT When I look back at why the Bel-Ray series has been successful, the element above all is family involvement, which remains true to this day. The Bel-Ray has fostered fantastic family involvement and together with a club willing to put together good tracks for all levels and a very good sponsor it will continue to run for many more years to come. Most will recognise the many families involved over the years and note their offspring all appear to rise through the ranks over time. In no particular order these have included the Riddels, Speedys, Carlyons, Carlsons, Neilds, Prumms, Stones, Ramseys, Suttons, Goodwrights, Givens, Foxs, Russels, Sattrups, Lempreires, Fowlies, Eyres, Fullers, Smiths, Dickies, Kerrs, McGoverns, Hintzs, Morgans, Greenslades, Freers, Slaters, Barrs, Berridges, Vinnings, Starks, Moorfields, Perrys, Bateups, along with Jimmy McNeill and Sandra Healey. Please accept my apologies if any names/families have been forgotten. INTERNATIONAL RIDERS Such was the reputation of the Bel-Ray it was always a must for any visiting International KIWI RIDER 37