KIWI RIDER 11 2018 VOL.2 - Page 34

Previous Junior winner Callan May WINNING ON A 125: CRAIG BROWN 2005 was the year I won the Bel-Ray, and I REALLY wanted to win it. I remember in 2004 I almost secured the win but I got two punctures in two rounds which forced me out of the competition. I wanted to win the series on a 125cc bike as I knew nobody else had done it, and I think that nobody else has to this day. I was on a fresh new 2005 KX125 and I had done a lot of testing so we got it set up well for cross country. Even today, that bike was one of my favourite bikes to ride. The next best thing about winning the overall on a 125cc bike was seeing Luke Ramsey try so hard for a number of years later to do the same thing on his KX125 - he kept coming up short though. What a great achievement from Huntly Motorcycle Club and Bel-Ray Oils for their continued support. Well done to the both of you! old mate Pete McPhee (Vege, to those who know him well) and John Nicholson of Kiwi Rider. These guys were keen on the concept and provided valuable input and, naturally, publicity and promotion. Our small group within the Pukekohe Club laid down some basic ideals for the Series which have been maintained, in essence, right through to the present day. The main focus was to provide a series which focused on developing riders and providing a pre-national training ground for the growing 34 KIWI RIDER talent pool within the region and beyond. The idea was for easy, well-marked, free- flowing natural terrain tracks with no bottle necks or obstructions that would allow all levels of riders to enjoy their day. A consistent format and reliable scoring with results out early and a social get together prize giving after each round with a big party at the final. A range of classes to inspire new and old riders to compete, carefully graded to prevent dissent. Very close association with the landowners and a policy of fallowing tracks bi annually to protect the resource. Careful budgeting and pre-organisation to ensure all aspects were covered including paying landowners and other parties a more realistic fee for services provided. The original group mentioned above really flew into the organisation of this new series and using the club’s main property at Kohekohe, then owned and farmed by Grant and Miles Dickey, together we ran the very first round of the Bel-Ray Cross-Country series. SERIES GROWTH From late 1993 to 1996 the series grew rapidly and became well known throughout the country for its fast, free-flowing tracks. Some time around 1994, we tried very hard