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Pete Thornton, Miles Dickey, Phil Riddle, Dave Riddle, Colin Riddle, Rob Prescott, Craig and Lance Kerr, to name a few. The Dickey property became the venue for the Club’s Annual Hare Scramble. This was our lead up to the National Series, which was an eight round series spread over NZ in those days. The Matahura property (McGovern’s) used to be Pukekohe’s premier National Track and it hosted up to 200 riders per event for many years. By 1990, it became obvious that the sport was waning a little and the area needed an event that encouraged more riders into the sport and provided a better lead up to the National series without having to travel too far. It would also provide somewhere for the many trail riders to try their hand at the next level of competition. A naïve bunch of PMCC committee members keen on Hare Scrambles, which included Grant Dickey, Raymond Reid, Ian Freer and myself, decided to talk with other similar minded Clubs with the view of creating an Interclub series and getting some club spirit and comradeship back into the sport. The Tri Series or Club of Origin series was formulated and this series of events was held with great success between Pukekohe, Rodney and Huntly Clubs. After two years of running and some unwillingness by some to maintain consistency, it died a natural death and the infamous three handled trophy that was created seems to have been misplaced. However, during this period between 1991 and 1993, the Bel-Ray was conceived. PENNING THE DEAL My business was starting to really take off and a close association with the Director of Kawasaki NZ, Mike Wilkins and his partner of the time Ian Beckhaus, meant their sister company, Northern Accessories, was one of my main sources of accessory product. Kay and I needed a regular supply of good quality motorcycle oil for retail and shop use, so we penned a deal with Northern’s manager at the time, Geoff Robinson, for Bel-Ray. Part of the deal was that they would be a sponsor of a Hare Scramble Series to be known as The Bel-Ray. At the same time, I became involved at MNZ level and became one of the first Off-Road Commissioners. This early commission had a very good bunch of passionate people and we were able to lay down some changes for the future, one of which was to rebrand Hare Scrambles. Hence, the Cross Country era was born. To launch this new series I called on an A couple of junior winners have gone on to win the senior event too KIWI RIDER 33