KIWI RIDER 11 2018 VOL.2 - Page 28

will value. My photographer Olivier had fallen in love with his S-M10 too, and when Ricardo took a brief try in one (over his usual Shoei VFX-W) he was immediately impressed by the lightness and comfort. And you know, if RV is happy to wear one – and he was seriously smoking it around Milestone on his Yamaha YZ-F – who am I to argue? Head-to-toe but the angle and the length of the visor is well set so for 99% of users there should be solid satisfaction on the account. The aperture is good for any size of goggle (I wore Oakley Airbrakes, one of the biggest frames on the market) while still leaving space for airflow to the face. Despite the generous aperture, a relatively tall bridge across the chin bar meant my nose did not go unprotected from Ricardo’s roost (when I could hang onto him). I liked that the nose protection is firmly moulded too, so you don’t accidentally displace it as you can on some helmets when settling your goggles. The lining is soft and for those who like audio aids to their riding the good news is that there’s even a significant recess to allow the comfortable placement of speakers (and microphone). Perhaps uniquely at this launch, I managed to properly impact test the helmet, when I twice washed the front out in deep sand. Each time I made a neat pivot over the bars and on the first occasion I managed to even clout something hard (making a fair ‘clang’). Now this is not exactly the ultimate test, but I’m happy to say the helmet stayed nicely in position and although there was some ringing in my ears from that first one, there was no undue damage to me or the helmet (save for a few scuffs on the latter). After four hours I was still comfortable in the helmet – an aspect trail, rally and enduro riders 28 KIWI RIDER So there we have it, one extremely well- designed crash helmet – stylish too. And as said at the beginning of this story, it’s coming at the top end of the market, joining the other super dirt helmets in the uppermost price range. Pricing is $949.90 for the solid colours and the ‘Meta’ colour options. And with the Supertech S-M10, Alpinestars has completed what is now a head-to-toe pledge of support and protection for the dirt rider. From starting out as a boot manufacturer 55 years ago – and I was one kid who valued his Roger De Coster / Victory boots as a schoolboy scrambler – you could argue Alpinestars has been very successful in its diversification. Only this is more a case of intensification, taking their ethos of best protection to every aspect of moto life. And with each step, it’s always a quality outcome.