KIWI RIDER 11 2018 VOL.2 - Page 25

Collarbone protection The bottom profile of the helmet is sculpted to clear the rider’s collarbone while the section of the base pad immediately above this area is made of a flexible compound rubber section to further lessen the impact of any likely connection between helmet and collarbone in a crash. Further protection is afforded by the use of polypropylene on the inner chin bar, which allows a degree of lateral protection. Post-crash safety In the event you do go for a big one, the S-M10 comes with ERS (so many acronyms!) – Emergency Release System – which allows the cheek pads to be removed by medical staff prior to removing the helmet. But to help further, the S-M10 is also ‘Eject’ compliant, allowing the Eject inflatable emergency removal system to be deployed – which is critical in spinal injury situations. Extreme comfort Using heat mapping tests Alpinestars has worked hard on the ventilation system to optimise the flow of (hopefully) cooling air around the rider’s head through the provision of multiple intake and exhaust ducts (guarded by wire gauze). This combined with a Cool-