KIWI RIDER 11 2018 VOL.2 - Page 113

ROAD PRODUCTS Tool up, ship out Dragon Stone produces an incredibly large range of motorcycle-specific tools. Whether you’re setting up a new business or home workshop, or simply looking for a specific tool for a specific job on a specific bike, take a browse through the Dragon Stone range. New stock has just arrived for even more choice in great tools for carbs, suspension, tyres, chain and more. Distributor: Eurobike Wholesale Price: Various Info: The oils for all riders – on and off the water The new Kawasaki Performance oils line incorporates superior quality lubricants specifically engineered to Kawasaki’s highest standards. It includes full synthetic, semi synthetic and mineral based formulations in multiple grades of motorcycle oils, plus New ATV/UTV and PWC formulations. Significant improvements include mineral based formulations designed to deliver enhanced thermal stability, improved shear resistance, increased viscosity stability and increased anti-wear additives. The latest semi- and full synthetic engine lubricants are based on modern polyalphaolefins and esters. Distributor: Kawasaki NZ Price: Varies from item to item Info: Available from Kawasaki dealer network Give your gear a leg-up Ever needed more pockets, or not had your wallet, phone or any other vital little item to hand when needed? A leg wallet could provide the answer, both on and off the bike. This Givi T517 is designed to secure around the waist and thigh, is made from nylon, and built to be water resistant. It features a front pocket, reflective print for visibility and adjustable straps, and is a convenient pouch for those who never have enough pockets. Distributor: Eurobike Wholesale Price: $49 Info: KIWI RIDER 113