KIWI RIDER 11 2018 VOL.2 - Page 109

ROAD PRODUCTS Committed to passion Built for the race track, these Stealth Evo boots from Stylmartin are a mix of Italian passion and a commitment to making the safest and most reliable products on the market. A floating ankle system protects the ankle and avoids torsion by regulating leg tilt. Equipped with changeable sliders on the toe and heel, these boots are packed with protection features, ready for those race wins – and crashes. Distributor: Eurobike Wholesale Price: $649 Info: Withstand the tempest Dainese’s Tempest D-Dry touring jacket is made from resistant Duratex fabric and is ideal for varied weather conditions thanks to its waterproof, breathable D-Dry membrane and water repellent outer layer. A completely removable inner lining and air vents on the chest and back take care of temperature control, while a range of adjustability adapts it to the rider’s body and movements. Finally, the jacket has reflective inserts and was designed to accommodate G1 and G2 back protectors and Double Chest chest protectors. Distributor: Northern Accessories Price: $499 Info: Indians ride again Stylmartin’s unique style in a stunning boot, the ever-popular Indian is now available in a much greater range of sizes for both the brown or black models. Featuring full grain ‘writer’ leather, they are the perfect choice for someone who wants to be comfortable and safe every day and in any conditions, on or off the bike. Distributor: Eurobike Wholesale Price: $379 Info: KIWI RIDER 109