KIWI RIDER 11 2018 VOL.2 - Page 107

track, limpet-like. And just as I was getting comfortable and starting to push myself a bit, it was over. I pull back into the pits and am welcomed by Jo, who seems keen to hear my excited babbling about gingerly piloting the bike around the track. “How was it? How’d it go?”, Jo was sincerely interested in what I thought. If you never get to ride such a bike, just know that there’s a whole world of performance beyond the already incredibly capable superbike that’s sat brooding on the showroom floor. And rejoice knowing there is a small percentage of humans out there capable of riding them to their limits and slightly beyond. Be sure to follow Daniel on the Yamaha Factory R1 in ASBK on Instagram @ danielfalzon25 and Facebook www.facebook. com/JonDanielsRacing/ THANKS A heap of thank you’s to the Falzon family and the Jon Daniels Racing Team for allowing me to ‘test’ their race bike. And a man hug for Boris for making it happen. KIWI RIDER 107