KIWI RIDER 10 2018 VOL.1 - Page 93

WORDS: Grant Herbert PHOTOS: Red Bull Content Pool HERBERT’S REDBULL ROMANIACS t was like every hour’s riding was a war. The Silver Class at the Redbull Romaniacs is always really hard, but for 2018 it was pretty much too hard due to the almost continuous rain on day one. The only good thing I could take from it was that the conditions were exactly the same for everyone. I did something like 11 hours of riding on the first day, and was absolutely shattered... and that’s how I felt for the next three days. You should have seen the faces of the riders and heard the comments at the end of day one! A lot of riders were completely exhausted, but what could the organisers really do about it? They couldn’t exactly control the weather! In the end, they helped Kiwi Rider Grant Herbert took on the Silver Class at the 2018 Red Bull Romaniacs. 2018 was an epically difficult year... by taking six sections out from day two, just so riders had a chance of finishing. I must have fallen off something like 100 times throughout the day, which was around 10 hours of riding. That evening it rained all night... Days three and four were big days from the moment I got on the bike to when I could finally get off it again. It was something like nine hours of riding on day three and then six to seven hours on day four. In the end I managed 29th in the Silver Class, with fellow Kiwi Phil Singleton in 13th. I think my body is still trying to heal itself now, several months later; I lost something like three to four kilos over the course of a long weekend! KIWI RIDER 93