KIWI RIDER 10 2018 VOL.1 - Page 51

CARBON EVERYWHERE From then on, the willing mill, with improved braking from a 320mm Brembo up front and slightly stiffer chassis, provided fun, with a competitive and quick ride amongst bigger bore companions. But back to the designers. Why is it called the Carbon? Well, it’s black, innit? Everywhere. Except for the bright red accents, which pop like firecrackers to the eye. Red rocker-covers atop each cylinder are the most obvious, but there are other spotlights too, like red calipers on the front disc, and the wings logo and Moto Guzzi name on the matte black 21 litre tank. The fenders are carbon, as are the side fairings, with black headlight, bars, gas cap, double skinned pipes and shaft drive assembly. In some iterations this might appear grim, but with that deft touch of Italian designers, it is cracking smart. Designed by Lino Tonti in 1971, the V7 accounts for over half of all Moto Guzzis sold, and so popular are they that there are over 25,000 members of Moto Guzzi Owners Clubs worldwide. The Carbon is part of a numbered series, something Moto Guzzi have done before, with 750 numbered bikes for the 50th anniversary for one example, but for this new edition they have released 1921 bikes to commemorate the year Moto Guzzi was established. Carlo Guzzi formed the company with Emanuelle Parodi, and the bird wing logo was a tribute to their friend, pilot Giovanni Ravelli, who died while testing a plane in 1919. KIWI RIDER 51