KIWI RIDER 05 2018 VOL.1 - Page 93

Tyre changing made easy every time NoMar bead lubricant makes tyre changing a breeze, and it’s now available in a monster 3.1kg (7lb) bucket as well as the traditional half-litre (one-pint) tub. This super slick, non- toxic, vegetable-based rubber lubricant includes a corrosion inhibitor, and it’s water soluble, so you can dilute and spray it, or use it as a paste so it stays where it’s put. Unlike petroleum- based products, it will eventually absorb into your tyre to protect the rubber and improve the seal against the rim. Distributor: Eurobike Wholesale Price: $129 Info: tools_and_spare_pa/1173-no_mar_tyre_lube_paste.aspx Leak-proof tubes Pirelli’s heavy-duty butyl inner tubes offer excellent strength and will not allow air to leak, as happens with natural rubber. They’re created specifically for off-road or MX use to withstand hard usage, so make sure you’ve got a set in your kit. Distributor: Nationwide Accessories Price: from $24.49 Info: catalogue/tubes/tubes-1 Green meanie keeps you clean Kawasaki’s Performance Air Filter Cleaner will quickly and easily remove filter oil, dirt and other contaminants, however tacky, by breaking down, dissolving the oil. It works with foam or fabric filter elements and easily washes out with water. For best results Kawasaki recommends using its Performance Air Filter Oil, which uses a race- proven formula for increased air flow while preventing harmful airborne contaminants from reaching critical engine components. Distributor: Kawasaki NZ Price: Filter cleaner, 1892ml bottle, $39.95. Air filter oil 946ml $29.25 Available from Kawasaki dealer network KIWI RIDER 93