KIWI RIDER 05 2018 VOL.1 - Page 89

Top-drawer Prizm vision Airbrake Eli Tomac Prizm MX lenses help you spot subtle transitions in dirt conditions by separating shades of brown, enhancing visual acuity and detail to help you make split-second decisions with greater confidence. They perform in a wide range of light conditions, including riding in and out of tree cover, and precise colour filtering helps you pick fast lines, identify differences in dirt texture for traction control, and see deeper into shadows. Distributor: Northern Accessories Price: $279.95 Info: Scorpion’s sharper sting Pirelli’s all-new Scorpion MX32 Mid-Hard motocross tyre boasts larger block sizes to increase the tread contact area and improve durability on mid-soft and mid-hard soil types, while a larger void area between the tread pitches assures good self-cleaning. Modified side knobs feature ‘dimples’ to optimise lean angle grip and stability, casing depressions increase plant and ride comfort, and the tread spacing and crown radius profile broaden the range usage. Distributor: Nationwide Accessories Size style: Available in 110/90-19 & 120/80-19 Price: From $148.80 Info: off-road/sorpion-mx-mid-hard-554 Whip off that rubber This NoMar Mousse Bib dirt bike tyre changer is perfect for tyres with Mousse Bibs as well as inflatable tubes. The wheel rests at comfortable working height, and the built-in bead breaker means stubborn beads pop off with ease. Made from sturdy, plated and powder-coated carbon steel, it comes with a compact, heavy- duty storage bag, assembles in minutes without tools, and adjusts to fit 18-, 19- and 21-inch wheel sizes, while engraved measurements on the legs allow quick and accurate adjustment. Distributor: Eurobike Wholesale Price: $899 Info: tyre_change_machines.aspx KIWI RIDER 89