KIWI RIDER 05 2018 VOL.1 - Page 76

GNCC TOP FIVE FOR KIWI DRAPER R ound 5 of the GNCC was in South Carolina, which is about three hours from Stu Baylor’s house where I’m living. We had a great week training and put in a lot of hours riding and training, so I was feeling ready to go, especially after this thing we’ve been doing on a Friday called Cyro [cryotherapy freezing treatment]. It’s where you stand in a cold-chamber at -230°F (-145°C) for three minutes and it relaxes all your muscles, flushing out the lactic acid and has your muscles ready to go again. This has been such a great recovery treatment to do, it’s just amazing how good you feel the next day! So, the Saturday of the South Carolina event came around, which is the day you’re allowed to pedal the track to get a look at it. It was pretty hard packed and wasn’t too sandy yet, but it was already becoming super rough from the quads and buggies which had been running on it. Sunday, race day, was a perfect day for going racing – the temperature was ideal, not too hot or cold. Unfortunately, I got off to a bad start and was almost last off the start line. I’m not quite sure what happened, but I think my bike was already running, but didn’t realise because I didn’t hear it, which then made for a challenging start as it was very dusty from everyone ahead of me. I made lots of passes in the first laps as I knew I didn’t want the top guys getting too far away. I came around on lap 1 in 7th, so I pushed hard again and got to 5th, then just sat there for a while as I could see the guy in 4th. 76 KIWI RIDER The track was really sandy by this stage and was getting quite gnarly. With two laps to go I got a drink through pit lane, and put the hammer down and made a pass for 4th which I managed to make stick to bring it home in 4th. I’m really stoked with the result, as I’m starting to feel better and better each week. Next up I have round 2 of the Full Gas Sprint Enduro, where I lead the 250 class. I’ll let you all know how that goes. LIAM DRAPER