KIWI RIDER 05 2018 VOL.1 - Page 69

Michelin STARCROSS 5, a truly exceptional off-road tyre ITH ADRIAN SM PAUL WHIBLE Y This amazing tyre with its choice of compounds has been revolutionising the off-road tyre world performance. It is undoubtedly the new benchmark whether you are out for a Sunday trail ride, or blasting at warp speed through the trees like champion riders Adrian Smith and Callan May, or our local legend Paul Whibley. Put simply, it just works: stunning grip, sure and stable under braking with great lean angles that continue to build conī€dence. New sandy surfaces CALLAN MAY New New mixed/soft ground mixed/hard surfaces New SuperCross use 25% extra tyre life over the MICHELIN S12 thanks to its new high-resistance compound. Superior traction and grip on greasy cross- slopes thanks to its tall 18mm tread blocks and Maximised Contact Patch casing. Junior mixed/hard-packed ground DIRT SELECTION 2017 Junior Non Road legal. ROAD LEGAL mixed/soft ground KIWI RIDER 69