KIWI RIDER 05 2018 VOL.1 - Page 56

PLANNING IN ASSOCIATION WITH TNT EVENTS 2018 AUSTRALIAN MOTO GP TOUR Planning is important. Knowing when sessions are running, where the sun will be for the sessions you want to shoot and which points on the track will make the most of that light are critical drivers for getting yourself to a given point at a given time. Making sure you cover all the angles through the weekend is important too. There’s no point shooting inside Lukey Heights every afternoon for that one epic head on shot and ending up with 500 shots of the same angle and none of the inside of Turn 11 (an awesome spot for angles down onto the rider mid corner and at corner exit). So having a game plan for the weekend helps you cover it all. At the same time you’ve got to figure out when you can spend some time in the pits and paddock, which invariably means you have to forego shooting some of the support races which are important in their own right. 25-29 OCTOBER PHILLIP ISLAND BE ADAPTABLE MOTO2 / MOTO3 / ASBK / Aus 600 Supersport / MotoGP Expo Lorenzo • Rossi • Marquez • Vinales • Espargaro Ducati • Yamaha • Honda • Suzuki • KTM TOUR PRICE INCLUDES: • Return airfares from Auckland • Transfer Melbourne to Phillip Island • Accommodation on the island • Daily transfers to race track • Insurance and security taxes • Four nights meals and entertainment Kiwi Rider style LIMITED SPACES, APPLY EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT For more information or to request a booking form call 021 70 9989 or email 56KIWI RIDER Phillip Island race weekend threw a bit of a wrinkle in the mix late on Saturday when it was announced that both Superbike race 2 and the Supersport race would have a mandatory tyre change mid-race because of concerns around excessive tyre wear. Clearly the pit stops were going to be worth shooting, but that really threw my plan out as I’d intended to shoot the grid, get out to Turn 4 and then Siberia to shoot the race, and then maybe get back to the paddock for the post-race celebrations. But having to get back mid-race meant I really only had time to shoot the grid, do a runner to Turn 4, shoot a few laps there and then get back to pit lane for the tyre changes. And then look for supplementary oxygen or a place to lie down and call for medical assistance before heading to the area set aside for the post-race interviews and photo opportunities.. In the end it all worked out OK and I just had to accept I couldn’t be in two places at once and whilst I didn’t get as many shots of the races as I’d planned to, that was balanced by getting some of the grid, the tyre changes and then the end of race celebrations that I was really pleased with. Eugene Laverty’s pit stop was a bit longer than some of the others because he’d binned the bike earlier and the team used the opportunity to fix the damage as well as change wheels. I posted a shot of his team in action on Instagram and he reposted it with some nice comments. Yes, I’m still a fan at heart and it’s a good buzz when a rider notices and likes your work.