KIWI RIDER 05 2018 VOL.1 - Page 54

that if we need to cross the track to shoot from the other side then we can ask the marshals, who’ll clear it with race control for us to cross when the track isn’t in use between sessions. You can never cross a live track. And you never cross without the marshal’s permission. You’d find yourself heading home if you tried that stunt. Possibly needing medical attention to get s ome of your lenses out of where the marshals had shoved them. Pit lane is a different ballgame. It’s a live environment, especially during practice and qualifying. You’re working in a space bikes are accessing at random intervals and no one’s going to thank you if you step backwards into Jonathan Rea’s path as he’s bringing his bike back into the pits for 54KIWI RIDER tweaking. The pit crews and officials will often give you a signal to get your butt out of the way but, regardless, you have to take responsibility for yourself and, whilst framing a shot and trying to figure out what exposure to use to make the Aruba. it Ducatis shine (to be honest, it doesn’t matter, they always look awesome), you have to be aware of your constantly shifting surroundings. Is it stressful? Sort of, initially, but a) they wouldn’t let you do it if you’d not already done it at national events like Australian Superbikes and proven that you weren’t a danger to yourself or anyone else, and b) you get into the rhythm of it pretty quickly, and staying alert and aware just becomes part of the game.