KIWI RIDER 05 2018 VOL.1 - Page 46

need a snick down, will love it if you do, but the power delivery is spectacular. Cranked up, this beautiful machine swallows tarmac at a phenomenal rate, but it is in the fabulous twisting open-road corners north of Auckland where I cemented my passion for this glorious steed. The torque-assist clutch, given much use in the tight of curly rural B roads, never fatigued the hand. At slower speeds I find the gearbox can be a little clunky and it took a few rides to find the optimal way to change, with a slight roll-off on the throttle, but it’s still a major clunk selecting first at a standstill. Manoeuvring the bike in carparks is like all Thruxtons, the steering angle doesn’t allow a sharp turn, but it’s probably the clip-ons mostly to blame for that. On the road such things are unnoticed. Barrelling along a tree lined road and throttling down to a stop sign will deliver a fabulous popping crackle from those brushed stainless pipes and the smile will stay in place as you accelerate away. All day long. The designers and marketeers at Hinckley seem to have got together and said ‘Let’s build the most beautiful bike ever, let’s stack it with the best possible technology without compromising rider input, and let’s sell it at an affordable price’. If they did, they made magic, and it deserves recognition. There are few things in our lives that make us happy each and every time we see them; a boat maybe, provided it isn’t costing you more than the national debt of Greece, your wife possibly (mine certainly - I’m a lucky guy), and maybe that Sage fly rod you bought, or a Stella reel, whatever it is, you probably paid a trifle more than you thought you should at the time, and then thanked your lucky stars ever after. That’s how the Thruxton makes me feel. If you were to pop the bling, and after-market quality aboard this bike at your own expense you’d never do it, but here its done for you. Do I like the Thruxton R? Quite simply it as close to the perfect town and city machine as anyone, anywhere ever came. And every single time I look at it I get goose bumps and a desire to go ride somewhere, anywhere. It is nimble, powerful, impossibly cool, fast and incredibly beautiful. What a legacy. I love this bike, pure and simple. I think you will too. 46KIWI RIDER