KIWI RIDER 05 2018 VOL.1 - Page 45

the quality of the finish, the exceptional top end nature of the parts, and the gorgeous design aesthetic, this bike wins hearts and is instantly covetable. Not only has Triumph reinvented a deeply revered classic, it has made one that will become a revered classic in its own right. Mr Bloor, I believe you have hit it right out of the ballpark with this motorcycle, Sir. So what’s it like on the road? Well, it takes a while to find your way into the heart of this bike. I’ll explain my thinking. The BMW RnineT, for example, with which this competes, takes you to a corner and falls in without effort, saying in effect, “Come with me, it’ll be alright, you’ll see”. Whereas the Triumph says “Take me into that corner, and mean it, I will go wherever, but you do the driving”. On the face of it, the Beamer seems easier - it probably is, but when it lets go, you are going to be in trouble. The Triumph doesn’t seem like it’ll ever let go, but you are responsible for bringing it home. Ultimately I think that’s a better place to be. Of course there is traction control and ABS and all the standard safety features as well as three modes for riding, Rain, Road and Sport, but we all know which setting the Thruxton lives on. That fuel injected 97hp powerplant is designated as High Output, unlike the High Torque of the T120, but the Thruxton has torque galore, as well as a few more revs to offer. It develops 112Nm at 4950rpm, and what that translates to is a fantastic top gear acceleration for overtaking from 3500rpm at 100km/h. It doesn’t KIWI RIDER 45