KIWI RIDER 05 2018 VOL.1 - Page 37

Lubilicious twins Ipone’s Road Twin 150W50 Synthesis is a good-quality synthetic lubricant for four-stroke motorcycles, formulated for those characterful V-format engines with a large cylinder capacity. Road Twin ensures complete lubrication and protection of your motor, so it will keep going as long as you want to keep going. Distributor: Nationwide Accessories Price: One litre $26.29, four litres $79.99 Info: ipone-4-stroke-oil/ipone-road-twin-15w50-4l-4t Wannabe paparazzi take note Like to immortalise your ride? Now you can carry and keep your camera gear safe in the Givi T508 camera bag. Designed to fit inside your tank bag or seat bag, the handy T508 features padded, removable inner separators in velveteen to keep your gear safe, a mesh pocket with zip, and when you’re done riding, a shoulder strap and carry handle to easily take your gear with you, so it’ll double as an everyday camera bag, too. Distributor: Eurobike Wholesale Price: $65 Info: Others/T508?lingua_sito=en Flip up, flip out The chin section of the Schuberth C4 releases and lifts complete with outer shield, so you use one hand to quickly put it on, remove it or while taking a break. Intensive testing makes it one of the quietest and best ventilated helmets on the market. It features air inlets in the forehead and chin plus a multi- channel ventilation system and an integrated sun visor with 80% tint, deployed or retracted with one hand using the slider on the edge of the helmet. Distributor: Northern Accessories Price: Gloss and matt black $1295, graphics $1495 Info: KIWI RIDER 37