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in 2012 at Ohakea Airport by Eddie Freeman in a Lamborghini . To achieve this record breaking speed , Dolby ’ s car had considerable modification , pumping out over 1600hp . “ We knew the car had it in it as long as I kept my foot on it [ throttle ]. The first run was a bit scary , I had to hold on ,” commented Dolby after his record breaking run . Included were Chev Corvettes race and road cars , a Ford Mustang , two modified Nissan Skylines and a purpose built Bonneville P51 aircraft Bellytank Lakester taking us back to the early post WW2 days of speed records . Bikes took eight of the top ten speeds .
There was a great variation of vehicles taking part , all of which could be viewed by the public and competitors in the Pit area . Bikes included the latest Kawasaki H2R pumping out 320hp , Suzuki Hayabusa , stock and modified , BMW S1000RR and Ducati 1299 to mention just a few . It ’ s true that pictures tell much more than words , however nothing can beat the sound , smell and sight of being there viewing the action first hand .
The last word is left to event founder and
speedster Seccombe who rode a borrowed
Kawasaki H2R with 300 horsepower . “ I ’ ve cracked
200mph , awesome bike and I ’ m really wrapped
that everyone ’ s had a buzz today , plus the gods
have blessed us and given us fine weather .”
Planning has started now for next year ’ s event and
we highly recommend you don ’ t miss the opportunity
to be there and enjoy the spectacle next year .
Darryl Dolby
2008 Nissan R35 GTR
Shane Dixon
2005 Suzuki Hayabusa
Scott Wilkins
2016 Kawasaki H2R
Colin Johnson
2006 Suzuki Hayabusa
John Seccombe
2017 Kawasaki H2R
Ed Dekker
2017 Kawasaki H2R
Stuart Goldsworthy
2017 Kawasaki H2R
Grant Brennan
2007 Brennan Corvette
Walter Rands-Trevor
2011 Kawasaki ZX10R
John Seccombe
2014 Suzuki Hayabusa
Full results and speeds are available at www . landspeed . org . nz

INTERNATIONAL NOD FOR MOTORCYCLE SAFETY cy to roll-out the recommendations from

New Zealand ’ s work to make its roads motorcycle-friendly has been acknowledged by the international Prince Michael Road Safety Award . The “ Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly Guide ” was recognised for its innovative approach to motorcycle safety at the 30th anniversary of the awards in London . The Motorcycle Advisory Council ( MSAC ) developed the guide alongside the NZ Transport Agency and VicRoads Australia . MSAC chair Mark Gilbert says he is proud of the Guide and what it has achieved . “ The guide provides practical advice to Road Controlling Authorities and roading contractors on improvements that could save motorcyclists ’ lives ,” he says . “ Along with the Transport Agency , we have used its approach to guide investment in upgrades to two of our most popular motorcycle routes – the Northern and Southern Coromandel Loop . These upgrades demonstrated how new design and safety interventions on existing roads could reduce risk and make the roads safer for motorcyclists . It helps the designers see things through the motorcyclist ’ s lens .” The Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council is now working with the Transport Agen- the Guide to the rest of New Zealand . “ It is critical that all contractors take these new recommendations on board to make sure our roads are of a consistent standard for all motorcycle riders , limiting surprises with a focus on zero harm ,” says Gilbert . The Prince Michael Road Safety Awards were established in 1987 . The awards are an internationally recognised standard for excellence in road safety innovation .