KIWI RIDER 05 2018 VOL.1 - Page 13

TION RACING and easily crash-damaged components. Tyres will be restricted to approved road sports tyres, with DOT race tyres, wets and warmers all being prohibited in an effort to keep costs down. This sounds like a great idea to us and we’ll be following the series to see which bikes and riders do well over the coming rounds – there should be a varied range of bikes making up the grid. Is a learner-spec 650 twin like Suzuki’s SV650X going to be the bike to have, or will something like KTM’s RC390 going to have such a weight advantage it can’t lose? We’re keen to find out. HMCC envisages the class will be taken up by more clubs in their 2018/19 race calendars. For more information head to the LAMS Production Facebook page at https://www. or KIWI RIDER 13