KIWI RIDER 05 2018 VOL.1 - Page 12

Fancy thrashing either one of these around
a track? Us too. Well, if you fancy a go
at very cheap, yet very cheerful, racing
then the new LAMS Production series
might be for you. This is an exciting new
class for bikes from NZ’s biggest selling
market segment and, at the same time, will bring
proper production racing back to our tracks.
The series is initially being promoted by Hamilton
MotorCycle Club at its 2018 road race series,
with the emphasis on making life as simple
as possible to encourage new and existing
riders onto the track without having to spend
a fortune. And we think it’s a cracking idea.
Eligible bikes for the series are any LAMS
approved motorcycles sold new in NZ as LAMS
machines. Allowable modifications are kept to
a strict minimum and relate to consumables