Kitchens 2023 | Page 68

The goal for this home was to create a welcoming space that offered a sense of renewal as you enter . Designer Sunita Lymburner wanted to strike a balance between ease and elegance , casual and sophistication . Capitalizing on the open concept layout to carry the color tones throughout , Sunita introduced playful blues while still maintaining a neutral feel . In an effort to exude a more simplistic and open feel , she consciously made the effort not to overfill the space with too many furniture pieces , but focus more on the spaciousness of the home . To balance the design style with functionality , two bespoke furniture pieces anchor the sides of the fireplace while serving as storage as well .
A favorite feature in the space is the artwork , especially the gallery in the dining room . It strikes the perfect balance between vintage and modern . The architectural photography creates a conversation piece and also inspires a soft vibe working with the color palettes of the room .
The oversized window in the family room was another beautiful feature bringing in natural light to brighten up the space . Sunita believes that rooms with natural lighting can effortlessly uplift one ’ s mood and create a sense of motivation . Capitalizing on this , she chose a soft light gray for the sofa and area rug , allowing the natural wood finishes to serve as a contrast .
The finished space offers a calmness within the home brought forth through the softness of the color palette , the openness of the floor plan and the simplicity of the surround . Simplicity can set the stage for textures , architecture and personality to come through . Good design is a combination of these factors . It goes beyond decorating but is also about ensuring the room has a purpose , serves a function and provides the homeowners with a sense of comfort and happiness .
When planning a renovation , Sunita advises that you do your research and invest in the proper statement pieces . Your home should be a representation of you . Take pride in it and create a space you will love to be around . Your home is such an integral part of who you are . Invest in making this space a source of joy and comfort . There is simplicity in design and it does not have to be grand to be beautiful . You can strike the balance between beauty and budget ! - Sunita Lymburner , Sara Leah Interiors , www . saraleahinteriors . com