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news news ONELAN merge with Tripleplay BrightSign's skywalk experience Having recently merged with Tripleplay, ONELAN, a Uniguest company, showcased its Reserva Edge room booking solution and demonstrated its new Reserva Analytics at ISE2020. Designed for three verticals; the corporate office environment, the higher education and university platform and the hospitality market, Reserva Edge enables the user to identify and book available meeting spaces through their own software which integrates seamlessly with the ONELAN platform. Simon Carp, Head of Product Management said: “We designed the product to be both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and ergonomically usable. It’s the key differentiation from other products on the market. We have angled the touchscreen so it is easier to use, ensured that it looks good that industrial architects would want to integrate it into their design and have optimised it for the task it is intended for.” Regarding the merger with Tripleplay, Stephanie Scott, Head of Marketing said: “With Tripleplay also promoting the Reserva, we feel very much as one organisation coming together. "Although it’s early days since the merger, we do feel we’re uniting two businesses, with combined skills and experience working together.” n From A-Board to Rod Technology From an indoor battery powered digital A-board to curved and ultra-wide stretched displays, Allsee Technologies previewed a number of new products at ISE 2020. Pleased by the reception of the company’s indoor version, Allsee presented their new outdoor digital android battery A-board. The IP65 rated A-board features an integrated lithium-polymer battery, supports 12 hours running time and is configured with a high brightness IPS panel. The digital signage manufacturer also launched their new 15” rod powered window displays at the exhibition in Amsterdam. These displays use low voltage technology, similar to traditional rod powered static light pockets often found in estate agent window displays, to supply power to the screens. They also feature a high brightness 1,000cd per sqm panel so they can be read in direct sunlight. The built-in Android media player can be updated via USB, by using their online CMS or third party software. Content can be synchronised across multiple screens in the same window display allowing for different imagery to be played and transitioned in unison or as a single large image or video. The displays also have a LED illuminated bevelled edge complementing traditional static light pockets. No mains cable is required to power these displays as they are powered via the rods on which they are mounted. The 15” Digital Rod Displays are available immediately. Having recently announced the opening of new UK and EU headquarters the company is going through a period of rapid growth. 8 KIOSK solutions Dr Baoli Zhao, managing director and founder at Allsee Technologies said, “Our current expansion is not exclusively focused on the UK market but also overseas and especially in Europe. In addition to our new UK and EU offices we are also currently setting up another team in India so we can expand into the Indian market as well. All of these achievements are down to all our loyal partners, our suppliers and our dedicated team and their family members.” The company’s new UK offices, warehouse and showroom facility were officially opened in August 2019 by Her Majesty The Queen’s Lord-Lieutenant of the West Midlands, John Crabtree OBE, and High Sheriff of the West Midlands, Mr Michael Kuo. The 20,000 square foot purpose-built facility also allows for continued growth of their UK based R&D, sales, marketing, support and logistics teams. The new EU offices in Oostende, Belgium serves as a central hub for the company’s European customers. As well as providing local support to their EU partners this office also features showrooms and meeting rooms. n A sensational new attraction on the 125th floor of Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa Cambridge was unveiled at the end of January. BrightSign, LLC, a global market leader in digital signage media players and Dubai- based system integrator DigiComm, together with digital media partner LG have developed the concept of an interactive, realistic simulation of a glass floor that appears to crack when stepped on. At 160 stories and over 828m tall, the skyscraper has been wowing visitors for almost ten years and a trip to the top is not for the faint-hearted. As well as breathtaking views from the world's highest outdoor observation deck and a high-speed cruise in the furthest-travelling elevator on the planet, thrill seekers can experience scaling the outside of the structure and parachuting off the top thanks to an immersive virtual reality simulation. It was in this context that the tower's owners Emaar Properties looked to create a sensational new attraction on the 125th floor of the building known as 'At the Top', which receives approximately 10,000 visitors a day. Together with digital media partner LG, they developed the concept of an interactive, realistic simulation of a glass floor above the city that seemingly begins to break when pressure is applied. "They wanted something really spectacular and very entertaining," explains Abdul Bakhrani, CEO of Dubai-based digital media studio and systems integrator DigiComm, which created the content, media and special effects for the attraction as well as for other installations within the building including the VR experience. With seven world records to its name, not least being the world's tallest building. Eighteen LG 55-inch OLED 8k resolution screens made of extremely durable glass make up the floor, powered by two BrightSign XT1144 expanded I/O players. The screens display a highly realistic visual animation of the city 456m below, which changes according to the time of day and season, scheduled and controlled by the BrightSign players. 15 Nexmosphere XDW-M44 sensors are used in the installation. On one side there are seven Nexmosphere sensors connected to the RS232 XM-350 Xperience Controller and on the other side there are eight sensors connected. These Xperience Controllers then link up to the BrightSign XT1144 media players. When a visitor trips a sensor, a virtual crack starts forming on the skywalk floor and escalates. As they keep walking, the glass seemingly cracks beneath them. The high-resolution CGI graphics combined with synchronised audio results in a thrilling sensation of glass cracking beneath the visitor’s feet, 125 floors above ground. According to Bakhrani, using OLED screens in this way was new, and deploying motion sensors with thousands of people was a challenge. "It took a bit of trial and error to get the configuration right. We didn't know how it would work with such large visitor numbers. It took two weeks of fine- tuning once live to perfect it." "The glass floor has really added a new dimension to the At the Top experience for the visitors," adds Bakhrani. "There are a number of high-tech attractions that together make a visit to Burj Khalifa truly unforgettable. This is a world-class venue, so it's essential that everything that’s done adds to the exhilaration of being there, and it’s certainly been achieved with the glass floor." n KIOSK solutions 9