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evolve or die from product design to consumer packaging, prospect identification to customer service, email marketing to market analytics. But building fully integrated digital systems calls for fully defined business strategies; the kind that turn big data into smart data, prospects into customers and industry challenges into marketing victories; the kind of strategies you only get from those who’ve already done it for others you respect and continue to do it every day. There’s a reason the world’s largest consulting firms are attempting to acquire more sophisticated digital marketing firms. Today’s marketing technology and tools can be complex and confusing, so once the general plan has been accepted, these generalists need a team of specialists who can actually make it work; from your technical stack and digital marketing platforms to your data management systems and creative content. In today’s hyper-connected world, brand equity is now often predicated 14 KIOSK solutions automated deposit exclusively on the prospect or customer’s last interaction with your organisation – personally or otherwise. So, the object of the digital transformation game is not just increasing efficiency but reducing friction; to produce actionable intelligence that allows you to expedite transactional activity and reserve human interaction for instances when human interpersonal skills are really needed. Where to start Combining smart, connected and emerging technologies to digitally transform your marketing allows you to shift your entire focus toward hyper- personalised experiences that attract, engage, encourage and retain your best customers. But the first step may be building a more sophisticated strategy for harnessing your customer data. Defining protocols and practices that extract meaningful insights about those you already serve allows you to understand and interact with each of them in a new, dynamic way. And changing the lens through which your organisation views its entire business can deliver powerful, profound rewards. n About Michael Priem Michael Priem’s aptitude for strategic planning, application development, new business ventures, large-scale project management and corporate development have made him a sought after advisor to dozens of world-class brands. Prior to launching ModernImpact, Michael’s career included leadership roles with a global advertising agency that pioneered many digital media principles, a publicly traded global consulting firm and his own boutique corporate advisory firm. He is a speaker, frequent conference panelist and routinely interviewed by a broad variety of publications including Ad Age, AdWeek and Financial Times. automated deposit Over half of ATMs are to offer automated deposit by 2024. Banks around the world continue to upgrade their self-service estates to meet increasing customer demand for efficient, real-time deposit transactions. According to new research by RBR, the number of automated deposit termi nals (ADTs) installed worldwide grew by 4% to reach a record 1.4 million in 2018. In a busy world where time is of the essence, both business and retail customers no longer expect to have to queue for the teller to make everyday deposits. Banks report that deposit ATMs are an efficient tool for keeping their customers satisfied, while also enabling them to migrate transactions from the teller and achieve cost savings. RBR’s research reveals that automated deposit transactions have been growing rapidly over recent years. Excluding China, where a meteoric surge in mobile payments has stifled cash usage, automated deposits grew by 10% in the other core markets covered in the report, contrasting with KIOSK solutions 15