Kiosk Solutions Feb-Mar 2019 | Page 36

advertorial Shaping the future of IoT serviced retail Following the acquisitions of KIOSK and Portwell, the CSO of the Posiflex Group discusses his goals HP Nüdling, Group Managing Director Europe & Group Chief Strategy Officer, Posiflex Group – [email protected], [email protected] What has changed from Posiflex to today’s Posiflex Group? The Posiflex brand has long been known for its expertise in high-quality point of sale solutions and related componentry. The recent addition of the leading self- service provider in North America – KIOSK Information Systems – adds to and strengthens the value proposition and product portfolio of the Posiflex Group. Modular standard kiosk platforms are now being introduced globally and are complemented by KIOSK’s sophisticated, customised platforms in both the United States and Europe. The Portwell, MEDWEL and Ganlot acquisitions have further bolstered the 36 KIOSK solutions corporate value chain by adding both customised and standard embedded computing solutions to our portfolio. The Group as a whole is proactively targeting the ‘Serviced IoT’ domain within retail and hospitality, digital signage, and the gaming/betting verticals, but also serving sub-verticals like transportation, new currencies and warehousing etc. The growth projections for IoT features in these verticals and others position the group extremely well. The Posiflex Group now references and incorporates all the individual brands under one corporate umbrella. The group is led by senior industry executives with the shared objective of facilitating the strategic synergies among the group entities, leveraging the best of each to advance global IoT products and self- service offerings. What's the group strategy going forward? The Group’s common focus of ‘Serviced IoT’ capabilities can take many forms within the combined technology portfolio.