Kiosk Solutions Feb-Mar 2018 | Page 3

contents 12 24 20 38 30 NEWS A PERSONAL TOUCH 6 12 The ‘store for one’ and personalisation of the customer journey are the inevitable future of retail EMPOWERING PAYMENTS ANYTIME ANYWHERE 16 How self-service payments can work harder to deliver new experiences and keep merchants and customers close THE IMPACT OF GDPR 20 How the regulation will impact multinational businesses and how they must prepare themselves RIGHT PLACE RIGHT TIME 28 Five tips for boosting engagement by creating the right digital content for your kiosks and your customers... REMOTE KIOSK MANAGEMENT 24 26 Kiosks have come a long way in recent years, so what will they look like in a century? 30 A look at some of the most important features to look for in a kiosk management tool A PERFECT GAMBLE 34 Past troubles with LCD video walls led casino to research newer and improved display technologies WHAT MAKES SMART CITIES, SMART? Driving digital signage with distinct content at Wendy’s restaurant locations around the globe THE KIOSK OF TOMORROW DRIVE ENGAGEMENT 36 Interactive kiosks are one highly effective ways in which many regions are choosing to rollout smart city programs POS INTEGRATION 38 For a trouble-free point of sale integration this year, follow these four steps A SIMPLE RECIPE 40 Five golden rules for effectively optimising your hospitality business for digital order and pay KIOSK solutions 3